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FinanceCorp is highly experienced to establish Investment Banks, Offshore Banks, Investment Funds, Real Estate Funds, Credit Unions, Capital Trusts,  including your own private label Mobile Banking Platform, your own API, your own SWIFT code, yet without the bureaucratic "red tape"...

Our mobile banking technology solutions enable your future investment banking clients to open a bank account from anywhere. In a matter of seconds - with seamless interaction.

Investment Banks & Capital Trusts

Establishments of Offshore Banks & Capital Trusts

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Dear Entrepreneur,

Have you have been thinking about establishing your own Investment Bank or Credit Union & Capital Trust without a lot of bureaucratic “red tape”, with electronic payment capabilities, including your own SWIFT code? You have done your research across the world, compared service providers only to discover that they are either too expensive or simply not worth your time?



Rest assured, we are highly specialized in establishing investment banks, credit unions & capital trusts for our clients across the world. We like to take this opportunity to enlighten you more about our business and the  specialized services we offer.



Your New Bank

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Your New Bank


Your new Investment Bank comes with ZERO       Assets and ZERO Liabilities, but with a lot       of  Intellectual Property, such as:

  • Included in the sales price is a highly professional Private Placement Memorandum under SEC Reg. D 506c (approx. 220 pages), which you can use to raise capital for your newly established financial institution.

  •  We further include a professional Trust Agreement and Declaration of Trust (36 pages)

  • We further assist with opening correspondence bank accounts for your new Credit Union & Capital Trust with you as the sole signature and beneficial owner. 

  • HSBC Bank is our correspondence Banking Partner, which we will use to establish a correspondence bank  account for your new financial entity. In addition, you can open correspondence bank accounts anywhere in the world. 

  • Your new financial entity can be structured to enjoy 30 years tax free status.


Our Investment Banks & Real Estate Trusts are fully authorized to collect money from the general public and invest in different types of businesses for your own account and/or for third parties. These kind of investment bank’s and trusts are ideal for capital raising, purchase and management of real estate of all kinds, including shopping centers, office buildings and hotels.


You can use this Capital Trust’s to open client accounts for its own account or for third parties through the Trust License. You may conduct your transactions as a 'Private Trust & Investment Bank'


Special Trust agreements allow you to operate as a commercial investment bank, financing bank, or fiduciary asset management to be active for your customers. Furthermore, you may as well collect under the Trust Licen Investment Capital from investors and lend to your own business or to 3rd parties if it is secured by real estate. If you lend to your own business, real estate collateral or any other form of capital protection should be implemented for investor protection.


The Investment Bank & Capital and/or Real Estate Trust is further eligible to issue and receive (monetize/discount) financial instruments such as bonds, SKR's, LC's etc. Through correspondence banking connections the Capital Trust can further benefit from the banks' facilities to engage in commodities, instrument, equity and fixed income trading with virtually no restriction. Shares of all the listed companies are issued and transferred in bearer form (anonymous shares).


Branch Offices and Correspondence Bank Accounts can be established anywhere across the world.


The Investment Bank & Capital Trust has its existing registered offices in the United States in its respective state of its legal domicile. Further branch office establishments are possible to be established in Geneva, Switzerland or Amsterdam, The Netherlands to further “passport” through the European Union.

Dutch Branch Office establishment is available including the following services:

  • Dutch Branch registration including your own registration number

  • Our registered office address for one year

  • Corporate Management and Compliance Services for first year

  • Bookkeeping services for first year

  • One set of Certified Corporate Documents from your Dutch Branch Office

  • DHL delivery of documents

  • Mail Forwarding Service for first year

  • Legal Representative for the Branch (Nominee Director) for first year

  • Translation of Corporate Documents into English

Your Dutch Branch Office offers:


  • Deposit taking - YES, UNLIMITED WORLDWIDE 

  • Asset management - YES

  • Issue & trade traceable securities such as MTN's Stocks, Bonds, & other securities - YES 

  • Corresponding banks - YES

  • Factor invoices and fund purchase orders and trade finance – YES

These kind of Investment Banks and Capital Trusts can be established and structured to be 100% tax-free (depending on your business strategy and existing double tax treatments) and allow you to do the following:

Further benefits include

  • The power to loan and borrow money 

  • The power to issue SKR's & Promissory Notes secured by verifiable assets 

  • The power to engage in MTN's transactions 

  • The power to issue and trade LC's with international banking institutions 

  • The power to open and maintain bank accounts, including trust, escrow, commercial, merchant accounts with   any bank worldwide, including US based institutions, and many more benefits.

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Are you planning to offer special services

to your future banking clients?

Do you need a Private Label Visa® and MasterCard® Pre-paid Credit Card Program to offer excellent  payment solutions incl. e-wallets to your customers across the world?


U.S. FinanceCorp & Capital Trust (hereinafter "FinanceCorp") is a Fintech company rolling out a global payment network, called FinanceCorp Digital Payment System categorized under the Digital Financial Services label. This is a fully operational digital ecosystem, which has its own digital wallet called, “FinanceCorp Pay” but is also capable of easily inter-connecting all mobile wallet products around the world.

Once the market place becomes aware of superior qualities of FinanceCorp's technology, we are confident it will quickly become the global payment system of choice. FinanceCorp's system has unique features, is disruptive to the marketplace, and will be a next-gen product because of their text-based technology, and self-contained comprehensive solution have leading players in the mobile wallet space like Google, Apple and Samsung vying for ownership.


Market Need

By bringing financial services to banked and unbanked, FinanceCorp offers a digital currency platform eliminating paper, coins and all costs associated with operating it, which makes the goal of global financial inclusion possible.


 Two thirds of the world’s population do not own a Smartphone rendering any system that’s solely based on the   Internet limited. BancorpTrust provides the world a versatile, full featured mobile wallet - FinanceCorp Pay, serving both Smartphone and Non-Smartphone users that allows for customer adaptation; a global digital payment network system, FinanceCorp Digital Payment System that can be licensed to work will all current wallets, prepaid debit cards, and payment methods. Its powerful text rail solution is able to reach a mass, global customer audience. FinanceCorp also has a merchant delivery system that works with current POS devices and works on inexpensive tablets.

Market Approach

The experts in the digital currency industry generally feel the accepted goals/elements in successfully converting to a cashless global society are as follows:





1. The number 1 reason why consumers and merchant/retailers will move away from using credit cards/debit cards is when they are convinced it will bring them far greater security.



Mobile wallets like Apple Pay have experienced major problems with fraud due to the fact that the mobile wallet that exist in the market today are just digitizing credit cards, which still make them vulnerable to hackers.



That allows hackers making public customer personal information like names and debit/credit card numbers. FinanceCorp's system never shares such static personal identifying information. The reason is FinanceCorp Pay has a secure, three-part authentication and tokenization process which rivals any current mobile wallet in the marketplace today and literally ends fraud.  Once the public becomes aware of FinanceCorp Pay's advanced security technology, consumers and merchants will be compelled to make the switch and competitors will want to own it.



2. Ease of adoption: – (Consumers/Merchants & Retailers) – FinanceCorp Pay’s technology is easier for  adoption then all other digital wallet technology. Reason is: the competition has focused on developing a mobile wallet app, where they had to develop a separate delivery system for the consumer to communicate and complete a transaction with a merchant or retailer.  This means additional expense and a more complicated process. Since FinanceCorp Pay is part of a self-contained delivery system, combined with a digital wallet, all a merchant or retailer needs is a tablet which they then can accept payments from a consumer.  Thus, using FinanceCorp Pay is less expensive and easier to adapt even in third world countries.  In addition, BancorpTrust offers every mobile phone user a comprehensive set of Mobile Wallet solutions using texting, mobile and web app phone interfaces to make their service much more appealing to every phone user globally.




3. Financial Inclusion: – Governments of the world share the universal goal to use digital currency for the purpose of financial inclusion of the un-bankable. This is not just in advanced cultures, but also in remote areas of the world. One of FinanceCorp's digital products is based on a texting technology (SMS messaging). Two thirds (2/3rds) of the world's population doesn’t have smart phones. In fact, for those others who do, when a smartphone signal doesn’t work, the texting signal (SMS messaging) does. This makes FinanceCorp's Digital Payment System more viable than any other for achieving global inclusion. FinanceCorp's texting “Rail” is proven and global-ready, making it the frontrunner for those tasked with selecting a technology to enable financial inclusion. Awareness of FinanceCorp's texting-based technology will enable and drive financial inclusion on a more global basis.



4. International Wire Transactions: – Cross border wire transfer is growing exponentially due to globalization, e.g., Western Union did over $50 billion in revenue last year. FinanceCorp's technology is far superior to Western Union.  It offers a global network that again, can reach even the most remote areas of the world making it easier for family members to send money from cross boarders to help provide for them.  The cost of FinanceCorp's service is anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 of Western Union, allowing some farmer in a remote area of a 3rd world country not having to travel 100 miles to get to a Western Union kiosk.  FinanceCorp takes out the risk of being robbed once that farmer gets the money, that same farmer could have the money go directly to his phone via text message through FinanceCorp Pay having no travel and no security risk. FinanceCorp is the future of cross boarder wire transfer and financial inclusion.



5.  Loyalty Rewards: – One of the ways that has been proven to generate mass appeal to the consumer, and results in them switching over to using a mobile wallet, is offering a Loyalty rewards program. FinanceCorp Pay is Loyalty/Reward program capable. FinanceCorp has programmed a system that makes integration with any current rewards program available in the marketplace.

Fraud Protection: